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New JCRS Release 

When Ultravox met Berlin! Pop Titans John Crawford and Robin Simon unite as supergroup / duo, for their forthcoming album Arclight. The 10-track LP brings together the best of 80s songwriting, with the ethereal and futuristic styles that propelled Crawford and Simon to stardom and have kept an adoring fanbase for decades since!


Latest Berlin Release 

Transcendance, which is being released by Cleopatra Records, also coincides with the 40th anniversary of Berlin's formation in Los Angeles, though it would be a few years before the group broke through with his such as "The Metro" and "No More Words" -- and, of course, hitting chart-topping and Academy Award-winning heights after  "Take My Breath Away" from the 1986 film Top Gun was released. But Nunn says she's happy the group is marking the time with new material.

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